The BladeTec Industrial HVLS Fan was designed specifically for larger spaces where maximizing employee comfort, air movement, and energy savings are key. The unique three-blade design of the Industrial Fan maximizes all of these. In addition, it delivers the most air movement of any HVLS fan around. The BladeTec Industrial Fan can extend its air movement up to 29m (95 ft).

The BladeTec Industrial Fan can be used in a variety of industrial environments and is available in five sizes: 2440mm (8 ft), 3660mm (12 ft), 4880mm (16 ft), 6100mm (20 ft), and 7320mm (24 ft).

Industrial Fan Features

Unique three-blade design

•  Made of strong, durable, lightweight aluminum
•  Varies in width along entire length of blade
•  Ideal contour and twist for maximum air movement
•  Complex jig-formed shape is not possible with extruded blades

Upward blade tilt
• Increases airflow and reach
• Extends reach of air movement up to 29m (95 ft) from the fan’s center in all directions
• Directs air outward from fan’s center in a conical shape

Resilient blade/hub connection
• Vibration-absorbing material reduces stress to the hub by up to 75%
• Rotationally balanced blade/hub
• Used for over 40 plus years in the most demanding applications worldwide
• Designed for over 10 times the force and stress generated by the BladeTec Industrial Fan

Robust mounting system
• Stabilizing cables, beam clamp and motor housing
• Extruded, precision-milled aluminum hub
• Three-way motor-to-hub safety connection

Easy-to-use controls
• Simple on/off button
• Adjustable speed control
• Operates in forward or reverse
• Fits into standard electrical housing
• Controls up to 4 fans
• Optional Zone Controller can operate up to 18 fans